“brass tacks is amazing.  i am a total control freak so the thought of letting an outsider in to go through all my personal stuff really stressed me out.  but joey was so intuitive that instead of feeling invaded, i felt like there were two of me!  ever thorough and patient, i was struck by how fast she managed to plow through and organize the immense amount of crap i had accumulated and never filed.  it was a totally painless experience. would that she could be my dentist and my gynecologist too..."

maia - hollywood

“joey made my house a home. i moved to LA from Chicago and, being a strictly creative type, 6 months after my move I still was overwhelmed by my clutter. boxes were not unpacked, curtains were not properly hung. i utilized her service and in five hours she had accomplished what had been taking me months to do. i suddenly had a beautiful usable space. she went through my belongings with me and helped me see what I needed and what was just dead weight. i had put everything in to a truck and just lugged it cross country. i don't know what I would have done with out her help and energy. she is efficient, smart and an amazing talent. i can’t recommend her enough.”

heather - hollywood

“i had moved into my apartment 3 years before and still had move in boxes stashed in every corner of my place.  from movie ticket stubs from 1994 to unworn leopard print pajamas (gifts I couldn't bring myself to get rid of), I had amassed and carried around many boxes of useless items year after year.  in 1 day, brass tacks help me shed all the unused, unnecessary junk I had acquired over the course of the last 10 years.  joey helped me go through things, 1 room at a time.  when we were done, I was left with an uncluttered, clean living space.  it felt great!  I hesitated at the idea of having someone go through my very personal belongings, but honestly, not once did I feel uncomfortable or judged.  joey brings a calm, confident, and objective presence to the de-cluttering situation that is invaluable.

joey you are amazing!  thank you so much. “ 

angelica - silverlake

“i still had unpacked boxes after a move as well as boxes of old electronics and things i even forgot I still had.  joey helped show me what was worth keeping and what I no longer needed to hold onto. we worked with what i already had in terms of storage possibilities and created organization solutions in ways i had not thought of.

the rooms in my apartment are long and narrow so i needed to be creative with placing my furniture in order to keep my rooms feeling open instead of closed off and isolated.  joey was instrumental in helping me reconfigure my living room, dining area and entry area.  she helped me with placing art and had really cool decorating ideas.

joey has been invaluable in making my apartment feel like a home.”

kelly – silverlake