Life gets tough enough without having to maneuver around the obstacle courses we tend create in our homes and working environments.  We subconsciously attach undue sentiment and distorted “to-do lists” to objects. Hence, we all need an outside eye when it comes to “our stuff”. Brass Tacks is that eye.

You will benefit from customized organizing systems and solutions. Customized to what works for you. This will save you time spent searching for things and money spent on purchasing solutions you probably already own.

Let’s get down to the Brass Tacks of what you need and don’t need...and streamline your life.

Read More about my organizing philosophy in my blog under It’s Simple But It Ain’t Easy/My Philosophy

I have helped hundreds of people organize those scary places like closets, desks, boxes filled with random objects, to various other storage and sentimental spaces. I have worked with everyone from celebrities to bachelors living in studio apartments.  My purpose is to declutter and demystify these little - or big - black holes.  I bring a let’s-get-down-to “brass tacks” attitude to my work.

I specialize in


-General De-cluttering
-All paperwork, junk mail, and filing systems
-Kitchens, Closets, Bathrooms, Garages, and everywhere in general
-Helping you move in to create the proper homes for all of your things
-De-cluttering to help you move out

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