Who doesn't want a Pinterest Cookie!!!?                           

First and foremost...Pinterest is the simplest way to go about organizing ideas and inspiration.  It's free, it's creative, it's visual, you can make notes on the image itself, and IT DOESN'T TAKE UP ANY ROOM IN MY HOUSE!  Also, it take less than a minute to "pin" your idea. Most of us are on our computers constantly these days.  And Pinterest makes it easy for us to "pin" pretty much anything.  

Scrapbooks, idea, and inspiration boards can all be digital.  It takes one click to see my likes.  It takes me God knows how long to even want to dig through an "idea file" that I haven't a clue what I put in there in the first place.  Another plus is that you can set any board you want to "Private."  That way you can decide who sees what.

For the hard copy sect?   Just take a pic from your favorite "Elle Decor" or "Playgirl" (do they even make that anymore?) upload it to a board then get RID of the magazine. They're heavy, they take up room, and they can overwhelm us just by sitting there.  It's like they're saying, "Hey! I'm 5 years old and you forgot why you're keeping me, but maybe one day I'll do you some good."

Here's a link to my Pinterest for some fun and interesting organization ideas...

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Quotes Not to Live By


So I used a picture of my dog Zoe.  She looks like she’s listening right?  How’s that for artistic license?!
If you ever hear these statements in your head...abort!

1. “I might use this one day.”

This mentality gets us into trouble.

2. “I’ll save this for so and so.”

We typically forget that we are saving something for that person. Thus, causing clutter.  If you want to give someone an item that you no longer want, place that item by the door with a post-it with their name on it.  Being near the door not only reminds you to take/send it to them it also will make you nuts just sitting there. Therefore, you are more likely to get it to them faster.

3. “This (random organizey thing from Target) will make my life easier."

This statement is not entirely bad.  Just keep in mind that the “stuff” we buy often proves less efficient resulting in never ending “to-do” lists or just more “stuff”. Really think about the products you are going to buy.  Is it REALLY going to make your life easier?