Quotes Not to Live By


So I used a picture of my dog Zoe.  She looks like she’s listening right?  How’s that for artistic license?!
If you ever hear these statements in your head...abort!

1. “I might use this one day.”

This mentality gets us into trouble.

2. “I’ll save this for so and so.”

We typically forget that we are saving something for that person. Thus, causing clutter.  If you want to give someone an item that you no longer want, place that item by the door with a post-it with their name on it.  Being near the door not only reminds you to take/send it to them it also will make you nuts just sitting there. Therefore, you are more likely to get it to them faster.

3. “This (random organizey thing from Target) will make my life easier."

This statement is not entirely bad.  Just keep in mind that the “stuff” we buy often proves less efficient resulting in never ending “to-do” lists or just more “stuff”. Really think about the products you are going to buy.  Is it REALLY going to make your life easier?


I Have My Own Problems

OK so...I’ve been in the same fantastic one bedroom apartment for 5 years.  And, I’m getting itchy.  Itchy like, I’ve made the space work but now I’m tired of it, kinda 5 years itchy.  I only have one closet for clothes and one chest of drawers.  Buying the “Real Simple” hangers have saved my life with a closet the size of Danny Devito.  Now, pay attention. These hangers will save your life with a small closet.  I can keep twice the amount of clothing in half the space!  You can hang hanger on other hanger to keep (my motto) like with like. Also, the streamline shape keeps everything slimly hung.  Not to mention the velour fabric keeps the clothes on the hanger!


$30 for a set of 50 at Bed Bath and Beyond


SO. My current issue is housing my shoes in my Danny Devito closet.  Now, knowing that I have approximately 33 pairs of shoes.  (Ladies this does not count the boots.  I store them somewhere else.) Hanging the clothes on multiple hangers creates extra length/lateral space.  So the shoes stored aren’t as visible as I’d like them to be because the clothes hang over the shoes!  So the current conundrum isn’t, “Joey you’re a terrible organizer why can’t you figure it out?”  It’s “Joey you’re an amazing organizer!  What do you do?!”

Unfortunately I’m limited by space.  That closet isn’t getting any bigger.  and no matter if I decide there’s no price on a solution I’d still need a contractor in here to break down walls and extend my closet.  So my big brain has to come up with a cost efficient solution...Part 2 to follow.  And I heartily welcome comments and advice ; )

Yard Sale

I had a client that was moving out of the country into a furnished apartment.  He got so overwhelmed deciding what of his things to sell, donate, or trash.  Since he had the time to host a yard sale I said the best thing was to try to sell everything and have Goodwill pick up what’s left. This way he could give himself  an opportunity to reimburse himself for items that would go away regardless.  So I e-mailed him my easy top 10 guidelines to having an efficient, and hopefully profitable, yard sale...

1.  Post sale on Craigslist.
2.  Make like 7 easy, bold, and legible signs for the neighborhood and post the day before on lampposts etc.
3.  Go to the bank and make sure you have 2 rolls of quarters and a lot of 1's and 5's (close to $150 worth)
4.  Make sure you have a cash box to keep the $$ safe and organized
5.  Get post-it notes or little stickers to price some things.  People will always try to haggle (keep that in mind when pricing)
6.  Be sure to have the sale visible and in the front yard.  A lot of traffic will come from drive/walk bys. 
7.  Make sure you have pics of the things that are not in the yard for sale. 
8.  Placing things on the ground is perfectly acceptable.  Folding tables are a plus but not a necessity.
9.  Music really helps.
Get a comfy chair to sit in. Time to camp out.

Let me know your successful yard sale ideas and stories!!

Keepers of Too much stationary


This is a card from a client that loves to keep all kinds of stationary for “future” use.  What better use than to send a Happy New Year 2005 card to your organizer??  ; ) Ladies tend to do this more than men.  So girls, I’m talking to you. Designate 1 box or drawer to unused/reusable stationary.  When that space becomes stuffed you’ll probably start stashing those cards in other places.  This is when an alarm should sound! If that space gets crammed,  sift through the old stationary and get rid of the cards you haven’t used (especially the outdated ones).  That way you have a space for the new ones and you’ll probably remind yourself to send some of the old!! Remember ladies, it’s just paper, it’s totally recyclable.

Cheap and Classy


This idea came when working with one of my very first clients. He had little to no artwork and we wanted to give him some dimension to the wall of his entryway and keep his jacket off the couch! Flat black paint to create a frame then screw the hooks into the wall.  Use any paint, shape, and hooks to create the look you want.  These hooks were in the clearance bin at Anthropologie (shocker).