Yard Sale

I had a client that was moving out of the country into a furnished apartment.  He got so overwhelmed deciding what of his things to sell, donate, or trash.  Since he had the time to host a yard sale I said the best thing was to try to sell everything and have Goodwill pick up what’s left. This way he could give himself  an opportunity to reimburse himself for items that would go away regardless.  So I e-mailed him my easy top 10 guidelines to having an efficient, and hopefully profitable, yard sale...

1.  Post sale on Craigslist.
2.  Make like 7 easy, bold, and legible signs for the neighborhood and post the day before on lampposts etc.
3.  Go to the bank and make sure you have 2 rolls of quarters and a lot of 1's and 5's (close to $150 worth)
4.  Make sure you have a cash box to keep the $$ safe and organized
5.  Get post-it notes or little stickers to price some things.  People will always try to haggle (keep that in mind when pricing)
6.  Be sure to have the sale visible and in the front yard.  A lot of traffic will come from drive/walk bys. 
7.  Make sure you have pics of the things that are not in the yard for sale. 
8.  Placing things on the ground is perfectly acceptable.  Folding tables are a plus but not a necessity.
9.  Music really helps.
Get a comfy chair to sit in. Time to camp out.

Let me know your successful yard sale ideas and stories!!